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A collection of songs inspired by the discovery of falling in love with God. Danielle Rose’s debut album is a collection of songs describing the entry into the mystery of God, the journey of faith, and the beauty of intimacy in relationship with Christ. Inspired by the experience of falling in love with God, the songs on this album are Danielle’s first musical reflections of faith written from the age of 17 to 20. (CD booklet includes all song lyrics).


A PERSONAL NOTE FROM DANIELLE: I humbly ask for your forgiveness regarding the theological errors contained in the lyrics of the song “Black Hole of Truth,” which I wrote in 1997 at age 17 after a painful debate with a friend who sought to convert me to Islam. Since that time, Jesus has brought about a deeper conversion in my soul to allow for a fuller understanding of the Church’s teaching regarding inter-religious dialogue. I deeply regret that the lyrics of this song do not fully reflect the truth of our Catholic Christian faith. But I pray that even my imperfection may glorify God by giving witness to the possibility of conversion in the ongoing journey of faith. Come, Holy Spirit!

Defining Beauty CD

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