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Danielle Rose's newest album, Culture of Life, is a musical reflection on the interrelated components of society that are necessary to build an authentic culture of life. The songs serve as a musical bridge in order to connect commonly-isolated topics related to the dignity of the human person. A diverse range of 15 themes include: The Eucharistic & sacrificial nature of motherhood, the redemptive value of suffering, openness to life according to God's plan (NFP), the gift of chastity, post-abortive grief & healing, repentance for sins against life, accepting God's timing for death, the universal call to holiness, and the unrepeatable nature of each soul in the scheme of eternity. The album was released on Jan 22, 2013, which marked the 40th Anniversary of Roe vs Wade, as an act of hope that we will soon see an end to the hidden holocaust of abortion as we strive to nourish & cherish each person made in the image and likeness of God. (CD booklet includes all song lyrics).

Culture of Life CD

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