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the lyrics of

Little Flower


A musical response to, and prayer for the end of, the one child policy of China. 

(Genesis 1:28-30, 2:7-8; Isaiah 43:1-7; Matthew 18:5)


How can you say

There are too many children?

That is like saying

There are too many flowers

In the garden of God.


He planted man in paradise.

He breathed in us the breath of life.

Be fertile, fruitful, multiply: 

The first command of Eden.


He promised to provide for all our needs.

He reigns over all the earth; 

His light shines on every seed.

He cares for every soul

So little flower, grow.

God provides.


For Him there is no life too small.

His hand of love has fashioned all.

He hears you weeping when you call.

He knows you each by name.


 He promised to provide for all our needs.

He reigns over all the earth; 

His light shines on every seed.

He cares for every soul

So little flower, grow.

God provides.


Through your hands, God provides.

Through your heart, God provides

Through the Body of Christ.


 How can you say

There are too many children?

That is like saying

There are too many flowers

In the garden of God.


Whoever receives one child

In my name receives me.


A reflection on the dignity of the human person, and the value of one life.

(Jeremiah 29:11; Luke 1:26-38)


She gave him a child but he said,

“I don’t want you no more.”

He gave her a ride,

Left her right outside the clinic door.

“Baby, it’ll be over so soon;

This is the best thing for you.

You don’t need one more problem,

So let this one die.”


It’s just one life.

Just one life.

Just one life.


He stands on the bridge

Looking down as the world passes by.

Nobody sees the great river

Of tears that he cries.

Desperate to end all this pain

Don’t want to feel it again.

Will anyone care if he lives or he dies?


Just one life.

Just one life.

Just one life.


O and Mary said yes

To one life that God gave.

Through this one life

Then the whole world was saved.

Entrusted with faith

She was able to see

The worth of the life she received.

Truly God has a purpose

And plan for each soul,

With hope for the future

For welfare, not woe.

The world didn’t know Him

They couldn’t conceive

How God in the womb

Became a human being.


O the gift of just one life. 

Mary’s yes to just one life.

We were saved by just one life.

Will you receive just one life?

The world could be changed

Through just your life.

Just your life. 


On the irreplaceable, unrepeatable nature of each soul in the course of eternity

A love song from Our Father and Creator

(Genesis 1:1-2:3, John 3:14-17)


When I thought of this world

Without you,

O heaven began to weep

And the oceans were born.

When I thought of my life

Without you,

O the darkness was deep

The earth without form.

Before the first day,

I conceived you in my heart.

At the sound of your name,

I spoke light into the dark.

The moment time began,

The world was waiting 

For your life to start.


Never before, never again.

The story of your soul,

Whose life will never end.

An image of God

The world’s never seen.

You matter to all eternity.


When I thought of heaven

Without you,

My heart labored in love,

And the Son of God was born.

We wanted to share our life with you.

Wrapped in the wings of a dove,

Soon the veil was torn.

I desired that

Not even one would be lost,

So I gave my Son

As a gift on the cross,

Granting access

To the tree of life once again,

So you might live forever

In my covenant.


I gaze at your beauty,

My creation complete.

Everything about you

Is so good to me.

I set you apart

To be holy and blessed.

Your soul is the sabbath

Where I’ve chosen to rest. 


On the gift of chastity. A prayer for future spouse. 

(Song of Songs 3:1-5; Psalm37:4-5, 63:7-9;1 Thess 4:3-7; 

1 Cor 6:19-20; Eph 5:22-33; Matt 6:33; Luke 12:49)


O when will I meet you?

It could be today.

I want to be holy

For you

I will pray.

I’m writing a love song

Each day that I wait

Is a note of the melody
I sing in faith.

O if you only knew

That I’m waiting for you.


My longing for you

Is high as the sky,

As I lie on my bed

Waiting at night.

Far beyond the horizon

Of what I can see,

Your soul is the star

That God’s been preparing for me.


My body’s a gift

That is wrapped ‘neath the tree,

The cross where our Lord Jesus

Died for me.

Only with God
When you lay down your life

Will you unwrap the gift

On our wedding night.

You alone will touch what’s inside

When God shares my heart

With you as His bride.


My heart has been taken;

It’s already claimed.

Do you love me enough

To take second place?

He alone can fulfill

Our deepest desire;

We will set the world ablaze

With love’s pure fire.

Let’s fall in love with Him

On our way to heaven.


My longing for you

Is high as the sky,

As I lie on my bed

Waiting at night.

Far beyond the horizon

Of what I can see,

Your soul is the star

That God’s is preparing for me. 


On being open to life. Embracing God’s plan for the marital union. 

A prayer for the end of contraception.

Genesis 1:27-28; Ps 127:3-5; Malachi 2:14-15; Tobit 8:7; 

Hebrews 13:4; Genesis 38:8-10; Luke 23:28-29


We welcome God into

The sanctuary of our room.

Pressed up against your skin,

This is where life begins.

I give you every part of me.

You receive the gift of my fertility.


Let’s make love; let’s make life.

Let’s make love with God.

Let’s make love,

And let’s make life with God.


That we may be truly free,

We are open to conceive.

We embrace responsibility.

And when we know it’s best to wait,

Then we’ll choose to abstain.

We have learned

How our bodies are made.

We will trust in God’s design,

And we’ll welcome the child

He gives us in His time.


To create a new soul,

Our love made visible.

We renew our vows again

On the altar of our bed.

This is true intimacy.

What a beautiful father and mother

We will be. 


On the Eucharistic & sacrificial nature of motherhood.

Luke 22:19-20; Song of Songs 5:1; Isaiah 55:1; Matthew 8:8; John 15:13


Unexpected invitation,

This new life that I’ve received.

I’m afraid but I am willing;

You have just changed everything.

You are silent, you are hidden,

But look deep within and see:

Body, blood, and soul are present,

Living fully within me.

I am not worthy to receive this life,

But only say the world,

I shall be healed.


This is my body,

Given up for you.

This is my blood,

Flowing from my heart into you.

He gave you life,

O child within my womb.

We receive the gift of new life.

This is my body,

Given up for you.


Love will lead to liberation;

There’s no greater love than this:

To lay down my life,

To pay the real price

For you, little friend.

Laboring in expectation,

Suffering to serve a feast.

My breast is bread,

My milk is wine,

For you to freely come receive.

I am not worthy to receive your life,

But only say the word,

I shall be healed.


This is a mother’s communion.

She’s a chalice for her child.

She’s a living tabernacle

For the presence of God.

Each soul fashioned in His image,

On the cross for all He died,

So that not one little child might perish,

But all be born into eternal life.

We receive your life. 


A reflection on the nature of fatherhood, accepting the call to adoption, 

and our shared identity as adopted children of God through baptism.

(Matthew 1:18-25; Ephesians 1:3-14; Galatians 4:4-7; Romans 8:14-17)


Would you like to hear a story, child?

Come sit upon my knee.

This is how your life began,

How we became a family.

Within your mother’s womb

Another father gave the seed.

But she couldn’t care for you alone,

And God has chosen me.

O the Father woke me from my dreams,

And in my heart a love conceived.


Will you take this child as your own? 

Will you give this child a home?

All the love that he deserves

I want him to receive,

To know the Father’s love

In this family.


So I’ll set down my hammer now

To hold you in my hands.

Do you know how much I love you?

O with time you’ll understand

How to build a house of prayer,

How to serve your family,

And how to thank our God

For giving us the bread we eat.

O the greatest gift I have received,

When God entrusted you to me.


When I took you, child, as my own,

Gave my heart to be your home.

All the love that you deserve

I want you to receive,

To share the Father’s love

In this family.


You have taught me what it means

To become God’s family.

He did not leave us orphans,

He welcomed us

To be His adopted daughters and sons.


When you took us Lord as your own,

To give every child a home.

Heaven’s love so undeserved

You willed us to receive.

To know the Father’s love,

To reveal the Father’s love,

Joining us as one

In this family. 


A song of mourning for all babies who have died through abortion. A prayer of healing for souls suffering from the wound of abortion:  “A voice was heard in Ramah, sobbing and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children; and she would not be consoled, because her children were no more.” (Jeremiah 31:15, & Matthew 2:18).  


My child, my child

Now gone from me,

My heart is like an empty sea.

My womb is like an open grave.

The pain is buried deep away.

O I should weep a thousand years.

The sea could not contain

My tears for you.


Mama, can you hear me now?

I’m singing with

The angels dancing ‘round.

Mama, do not be afraid.

My love for you will never change;

I’ve always loved you.

And every tear I’ve seen you weep

Is held by God’s ocean of mercy.


Mother Mary is it true?

My child is there

In heaven with you?

Will you call my child by name?

And give the love I never gave?

O Mary will you hold my child

In your arms?

Mary, will you let me hold my child

In your arms?

Mary, will you hold us both

In your arms to rest,

To rest in peace. 

9. PSALM 51

A prayer of repentance for all sins committed against life. 


Have mercy, O God,

In your kindness.

In your compassion 

Blot out my offense.

O wash me more and more

From my guilt,

And cleanse me from all my sin.


My offenses truly I know them,

For my sin is always before me.

Against you, you alone, have I sinned,

And done what is evil in your sight.


Create in me a clean heart,

O God,

And put a new,

And steadfast spirit within me.

Cast me not from your presence, 

And take not

Thy Holy Spirit from me.


Indeed you love truth

In the heart,

Then teach me wisdom

In my inmost being,

That you may be blameless

In your judgment.

I was born

A sinner

Was I conceived.


Give me again

The joy and gladness of your help,

That the bones

Which you have crushed may revive.

I’ll teach transgressors your ways,

And sinners will return.

Lord, open my lips,

And my mouth shall sing your praise.


You take no delight in burnt offerings.

Were I to give one,

You would refuse.

My sacrifice is a broken spirit.

A humbled, contrite heart

You will not spurn. 


Portions of the Psalm translations are Copyright © 1963, The Grail, England. 

GIA Publications, Inc., exclusive North American agent, 7404 S. Mason Ave,

Chicago, IL 60638.  800.442.1358

All rights reserved. Used by permission


Through receiving the Divine Mercy of the Risen Christ, even the wounds inflicted by sin

 in the culture of death can become vessels of grace to build a culture of life.  

(John 20:19-29; Romans 8:28; Revelation 12:10-11; Isaiah 53:5, & Traditional Chaplet of Divine Mercy)


He conquered death

When He rose from the grave,

But why do His wounds

From the cross still remain?

The king of glory,

His scars tell the story

Of where He has been.

He passed through the doors

That were locked within me,

Granting forgiveness & offering peace.

Others had told me;

I doubted their story,

But now I believe.


Love made His wounds glorious, 

 Made His wounds glorious.

I see the nail marks;

I put my hands into His side.

Through His wounds made glorious,

His mercy pours out to us.

He’s not ashamed;

His wounds still remain to testify.


My Lord and my God,

He showed me that when

He was pierced deep within,

His heart remained open

To love and forgiveness.

The holes became holy,

The scars sang of mercy 

So that we might live.

If God can bring good

Out of evil and sin,

He’ll use our wounds

If they’re given to Him, 

Transforming our story

From glory to glory

As love enters in.


Come make my wounds glorious, 

Make my wounds glorious.

Jesus come into the scars of my sin

And fill them with light.

Through my wounds made glorious,

You lead me to holiness.

I’m not ashamed;

My wounds still remain to testify.


The greater the sin,

The brighter the light.

When love enters in,

His mercy will shine.

Will you let Him come in?

Will you let His love come in?


He’ll make your wounds glorious,

Make your wounds glorious.

There is no sin that Christ won’t forgive;
That’s why He died.

He’ll use your brokenness

To lead you to holiness.

Don’t be ashamed;

Your wounds still remain to testify.


He made our wounds glorious,

Made our wounds glorious.

The broken Body of Christ,

We offer our lives to heal the whole world.

Through our wounds made glorious,

His mercy pours out through us.

When we are raised,

Our wounds still remain to testify

How Jesus came into our pain

And changed our lives.

His wounds healed our lives.


For the sake of His sorrowful passion, 

Have mercy on us and on the whole world. 


On the privilege of loving, serving, and sacrificing for each person made in the image and likeness of God, from conception to natural death. 

(John 13:3-16; 2 Cor 12:9-10; Matt 18:2-4; Acts 20:35)


You are not a burden,

You’re a blessing to love.

Not a burden,

A blessing to love.


The gift of your life

Is worth each sacrifice.

Every life is worth each sacrifice.


Will you let me wash your feet,

Serve your deepest needs?

Will you let me

Serve your deepest needs?


You have helped me

Learn to see

That love is strong

When I am weak,

The beautiful humility

Of being willing to receive. 


On the meaning and value of redemptive suffering.   “I beg you to make use of the cross that has become part of each one of you for salvation. I pray for you to have light and spiritual strength in your suffering, that you may not lose courage but may discover for yourselves the meaning of suffering and may be able to relieve others by prayer and sacrifice... Even pain and suffering have meaning and value when they are experienced in close connection with love given and received.” -Blessed John Paul II

(Luke 9:23, 23:32-43; Colossians 1:24; 1 Peter 4:13)


I am sharing calvary 

With you

Hanging on crosses beside me.

I suffered for you;

What will you choose do with your pain?


One of the thieves cried out:

“If you are God,

Then take me down

From this cross,

From this suffering spare us!

Will you just stand by today,

Watching my life waste away?

If you came to set us free,

Why has God abandoned me?”


The other thief, he prayed:

“Jesus, I unite my pain with you now,

The only gift I can offer.

My suffering is a consequence,

But you, O Lord, are innocent.

Jesus please remember me

When you come into your kingdom.”


“My child,

You’ll be with me in paradise.

Here today, you will see the light.

When you cry, I’m here with you.

I make all things new.

Look at me through your tears,

And rainbows will appear.”


As you share your cross with me,

Jesus, I believe this is

How we are redeemed.

I see the beauty borne from our pain.


On the universal call to holiness, and the hopeful invitation that God has created each one of us to become a saint according to His will.

(Ephesians 1:18-23, 3:14-21; 4:1-16; 6:10-17; Romans 1:7;  Phil 3:14; 2 Cor 11:27; Matt 10:8, 25:1-13; John 19:33)


O I thought I’d be

Heroic and inspiring.

I wanted to offer you

The greatest sacrifice.

Like all the saints

Who’d gone before me,

I tried to prove my love for you,

And so to gain the prize.

I thought I’d be

A martyr like Cecilia.

I hoped I’d disappear

Like Saint Therese,

Or wear a hidden crown of thorns

Like Rose of Lima,

To heal the sick and raise the dead.


When you hung upon the cross

Looking at me,

You didn’t die so I would try

To be somebody else.

You died so I could be

The saint that is just me.


I wanted to be poor and free

Like Francis,

To cut off my long hair

Like lovely Clare.

To be faithful

Like Mother Teresa

In the darkness,

Lord, won’t you

Make me just like her?

I tried to kneel for hours

In the chapel corner,

To persevere like Paul

With all my sleepless nights,

To stay awake and trim my lamp

With ten wise virgins,

To really give the devil

A good fight.


When you hung upon the cross

Looking at me,

You didn’t die so I would try

To be somebody else.

You died so I could be

The saint that is just me,

Just me

You died just for me.


You saw that I was

Perfectly imperfect.

O happy fault,

The sin of Adam’s pride.

That’s the reason

That you became man,

And bore the new Eve

From your wounded side.

If it weren’t for my sins

Or wounds or weakness,

Then you wouldn’t have married me

Upon the cross.

Why do I fear

Being seen naked and broken?

That’s why you came;

'Cause I need you that much.


When you hung upon the cross

Looking at me,

You didn’t die so I would try

To be somebody else.

You died so I could be

The saint that is just me. 


On accepting God’s timing for death.

A prayer from the perspective of the faithful departed. 

(Psalm 139:16; Romans 8:18-25; John 11:25; Rev 8:3-4; Ecclesiastes 3:1-2)


I couldn’t see the future yet, 

How many days until my death,

But you knew.

You knew the end of my story.

You’re the author of my life;

In your book was written

Each moment of time

Till the end of my story.

From my conception,

‘Till you took me home to heaven.


O the world is a womb 

Where I was formed.

And groaning in labor pains 

Through death I was reborn.

There’s one life in Jesus

On earth and in heaven.

Death was only the beginning

Of life that will never end.


I could only take with me 

The love I’d given and received.

You helped me to be ready.

Lord, I’m ready.

One day when my hour had come,

When God had seen

My work on earth was done,

I joined the saints to rest in heaven.

Now I’m praying here for you.

I await the day you’ll join me too.


Death is only the beginning 

Of life that will never end.  

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